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ASSI.AG77726 Lalonde Oblique/Spiral Metacarpal Fracture Small Bone Clamp

ASSI.AG77726 (click for video)

Lalonde Small Bone Clamp for oblique/spiral fractures 12.5cm

$710.00 each
ASSI.AG77426 Lalonde Oblique/Spiral Fracture Small Bone Clamp


Lalonde Small Bone Clamp with K-Wire Guide 12.5cm, for Oblique/Spiral Fractures .045 in. max. K-wire

$754.00 each
ASSI.AG77826 Lalonde Oblique/Spiral Fracture Medium Bone Clamp


Lalonde Medium Bone Clamp, 16cm, for Oblique Fractures

$1,040.00 each
ASSI.AG77926 Lalonde Oblique/Spiral Fracture Large Bone Clamp


Lalonde Large Bone Clamp, 18cm, for Oblique Fractures

$1,040.00 each
ASSI.AG776626 Lalonde Percutaneous Bone Clamp


ASSI.AG776626 (click for video)

Lalonde Percutaneous Bone Clamp w/K-Wire Guide 12.5cm; max K-wire .045", Patented

$754.00 each
ASSI.AG25526 Lalonde Dynamic Compression Transverse Metacarpal Fracture Bone Clamp


Lalonde Dynamic Compression Bone Clamp for Transverse Fractures, Narrow Arm, 12.5cm

$783.00 each
ASSI.AG28826 Lalonde Dynamic Compression Transverse Fracture Bone Clamp


Lalonde Dynamic Compression Bone Clamp for Transverse Fractures, Wide Arm, 12.5cm

$925.00 each
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