Hand Surgery

Image Product Description Quantity
ASSI.AG727301 Parallel Pliers


Parallel Pliers 18cm parallel grooved jaws 10mm, for pin removal, max. opening 1/2"

$425.00 each
ASSI.ATK37340 Needle Nose Pliers Long Jaw


Long Jaw Needle Nose Pliers 18cm parallel grooved jaws 6cm long 2mm at tip for pulling K-Wires

$185.00 each
ASSI.ATK36940 Flat Nose Pliers & Cutter


Flat Nose Pliers 14cm broad 5mm tip, for gripping Steinmann Pins and K-wires, light use

$137.00 each
ASSI.ATK36840 Needle Nose Pliers


Needle Nose Pliers 14cm tapered jaws 2mm at tip to remove K-wires

$137.00 each
ASSI.ATK36640 Flat Nose Pliers & Cutter


Flat Nose Pliers and Cutter 16.5cm for Cerclage Wire 0.2mm to 1.5mm Jaw tapers to 3.5mm

$142.00 each
ASSI.ATK36540 Needle Nose Pliers


Needle Nose Pliers Delicate 14cm for 1mm Cerclage Wire Jaw tapers to 1mm

$111.00 each
ASSI.ATK912340 Flat Nose Pliers & Cutter


Flat Nose Pliers 6", delicate 2mm tapered serrated jaw for cerclage wire

$91.00 each
ASSI.ATK70140 Pin Pulling Pliers


Pin Pulling Pliers, 14cm 4mm jaws at tip, Tungsten Carbide for gripping small pins

$209.00 each
ASSI.ATK63426 Flat Nose Pliers & Cutter


Flat Nose Plier 14cm, with serrated Jaws

$138.00 each
ASSI.AG749301 Slip Joint Pliers


Pliers, Slip Joint, 20cm with adjustable jaw, 10mm jaw tip, max. 2" opening for Steinmann Pins, K-wires, screws and rods

$223.00 each
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