Accurate Surgical Instruments offer the broadest selection of Surgery Instruments used in Urology and Infertility surgical procedures.

Image Product Description Quantity
ASSI.SAS18R8B Adventitia/Suture Scissors (Black)

ASSI.SAS18R8B (Black)

Adventitia Scissors 18cm Round Handle 8mm diameter, Straight Blade 10mm long

$532.00 each
ASSI.SDC18R8B Dissecting Scissors (Black)

ASSI.SDC18R8B (Black)

Dissecting Scissors, 18cm long, Round Handle 8mm diameter, Curved Blade 10mm long

$532.00 each
ASSI.SDC15R8B Dissecting Scissors (Black)

ASSI.SDC15R8B (Black)

Dissecting Scissors 15cm long, Round Handle 8mm diameter, Curved blade, 9mm long

$474.00 each
assi.jf318.2 Forceps


Forceps 18cm long, flat handle 9mm wide, Straight 0.2mm tip dia.

$82.00 each
ASSI.FRSF18RM8T Satellight Counterbalanced Forceps


Satellight Forceps 18cm Counter Balanced Rnd Hdl 0.8mm dia. Straight 0.3mm 1x2 teeth

$388.00 each
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