Product Brochures

B-200 Bariatric Brochure
B-202 Nerve and Tendon Cutting Sets
B-203 Instrument Racks and Baskets
B-204 ASSI Instrument Cases
B-205 Stay Sharp Scissors
B-206 Ceramic Coated Scissors
B-207.B Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps & Micro Monopolar Forceps
B-209 Titanium Instruments
B-211 Forehead and Facelift
B-212 Breast Instrumentation
B-213.B Classic Forceps
B-214.B Trepsat Facial Flap Dissector Scissors
B-215 Counter Balance Satellight Instruments
B-216 Plastic Surgery Instruments
B-219 Lalonde Skin Hooks
B-220 ASSI Single Use Products
B-221 ASSI Gram Vol.2 No.2
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