Accurate Surgical Instruments offer the broadest selection of Knives, Blades and Handles for surgical procedures.

Knives, Blades & Handles

Image Product Description Quantity
AMK8733K Stab-Incision Angled Knives and Blades - Roundstock


Stab-Incision Knives, 15 Blade, 5.7mm, Full Round Plastic Handle 6/Bx

$200.00 each
ASSI.3 Surgical Blades Handles


Scalpel Blade Handle For Blades Nos.10,11,12,13,14,15

$10.00 each
ASSI.3L Scalpel Handles


Scalpel Blade Handle For Blades Nos. 10,11,12 and 15, 8.5 in.

$12.00 each
ASSI.3XL Surgical Blades and Handles


Scalpel Blade Handle No 3 flat, 25cm, for Blades 10, 11, 12 and 15

$57.00 each
ASSI.3XXL Surgical Blades and Handles


Scalpel Blade Handle No.3 30cm, for Blades 10, 11, 12 and 15

$65.00 each
ASSI.4 Surgical Blades and Handles


Scalpel Blade Handle (For Blades Nos.20,21,22,23,24,25)

$12.00 each
ASSI.5M Surgical Blades and Handles


Miniature Blade Handle. (For Blade Nos.6100,6200,6400,6700)

$23.00 each
ASSI.6 Surgical Blades and Handles Chisel Blade Handle 13cm (For Blade Nos.312,313,314,316) $37.00 each
ASSI.6WH Surgical Blades and Handles


Scalpel Blade Handle, Bard-Parker, No.6 Type, Extra Thick, Wide Handle, 14.5cm, 53/4 In.

$23.00 each
ASSI.7 Surgical Blades and Handles


Scalpel Blade Handle, Bard-Parker, No.7 Type Hanlde, 16.5cm, 6 1/2"

$14.00 each
ASSI.9 Surgical Blades and Handles


Scalpel Handle Barde-Parker, No.9 Type Blades

$14.00 each
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